The South Capitol Neighborhood

As I struggle to find a way for prospective guests to understand why my homes are a cut above and why it is such a privilege to live here, I sometimes forget the best part.  You may have heard realtors use the phrase LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

I can recall (a decade ago) approaching my realtor with, "I want to live in the South Capitol neighborhood".  His comment was, "You and everybody else".  But, rather miraculously, a duplex came available.  Back then homes were sold as pocket listings without signs.  But, the owner didn't know that, and the listing realtor was from Tacoma and was unaware of the coveted South Capitol neighborhood.  So, in a bidding war (me and three realtors) I won with a clever idea I came up with....I bid $1000 over the highest bidder!  A total renovation and many thousands of dollars later, my Jefferson duplex is a source of great pride for me.  But, of course that is a different story.  This is all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

(A word of caution to you when considering a stay in one of my cozy homes in this very desirable neighborhood.  BEWARE, as you may just decide to stay.  More than once guests have had a complete change of heart and purchased a home IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, swearing to never leave "Pleasantville")

Click on this link to learn more about this neighborhood of proud, historic homes and Olympia's own "Pleasantville":

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The Olympia Heritage Register lists more than 400 historic homes, including many in the South Capitol neighborhood:

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Or, take a walking tour...

Or, see for yourself why the South Capitol Neighborhood is considered one of (if not THE) safest neighborhoods in Olympia:

Or, catch up on the history of Olympia (AKA "So Fair A Dwelling Place"):

And, if you DO decide to stay, I recommend a realtor of great integrity and knowledge of the neighborhood (as she is also a resident).  Her name is Sandy Nelson.  Her specialties are (of course) the South Capitol Neighborhood, and helping military families transition into the South Puget Sound (Salish Sea) area.  Even if you have your own realtor, I encourage you to be sure and join Sandy's very informative newsletter. 

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And, her Facebook page South Sound Real Estate is a wealth of information.