Your home has two bins (garbage and recycle).  

Garbage and recycle are picked up on alternating weeks. 

The Olympia website also has a great app that actually makes it FUN to recycle!

(Olympia Garbage and Recycle)

We are conscientious about our tenants' busy and demanding lifestyles, and, thus, have a habit of placing the bins out before our tenants have had a chance to. However, if we do miss, we hope that you will notice and help us out.  Pickup day is Thursday, unless you live in the Beacon home where pickup day is Wednesday. (see the pickup schedule).

IF you live in a duplex, I pay for both homes, so it doesn't matter which one you use.  If you have too much garbage, or need something picked up, please contact me.  If you leave garbage behind in the garage, etc. on move-out, I will have to either "hoard" it in my house until garbage day or make a special garbage run.  So, please, if there is a garbage issue, lets "Talk Trash".  And, please adhere to the city's slogan, "When in doubt, throw it out!".

Don't be a "wishcycler" and recycle what is not recyclable.  You would be surprised how few items are recyclable per the City of Olympia.

Items Commonly Put in Recycling that are Actually Garbage:


Any kind of coated cardboard (includes pizza boxes, aseptic milk boxes and frozen food boxes)

Aluminum foil

Alkaline batteries

Plastic bags

Styrofoam - cups, plates, peanuts

Plastic packaging - blister packs, clamshells, food bowls

Bottle caps & lids

Clear plastic food containers and cups

Plastic utensils

Metal juice bags - Capri Sun, etc.

VHS & cassette tapes

Chip bags & candy wrapper