2201B Water St SW, Olympia

Welcome to Aqua de Grande, a part of Casa de Mckenny (the Margaret Mckenny home).

This is my most popular family home.

With two large TVs with Roku and 5G internet, and the private suite-like style of the master bedroom, the home presents plenty of

room for living and privacy.

The floor plan lends itself well to two unrelated parties.

This is a country style home in the city.

You will love sitting in the privacy of your back porch, watching the deer come up from the lake and seeing the lights across the lake at night, while listening to the chatter of the eagles.

This home is located next to the Washington State owned Lord Mansion, which was a Museum for decades (now managed by the Evergreen State College) and is definitely the best location of all of the homes offered by www.olympiafurnishedhomes.com.

This was also the home of the late Margaret McKenny, a famous naturalist, who wrote numerous magazine articles and books, to include my favorite, "The Savory Wild Mushroom". You will see a mushroom plaque on the porch of the home in honor of her great contribution to the education of edible mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest. Visit this page for more about this very important person in Olympia's history.

This is a 1311 square foot home.

Parking is abundant, but there is no garage.

It is a two bedroom home with queen beds and has two bathrooms.

This is a very popular home due to the location and size of this roomy two bedroom home. So, you must plan ahead to capture this home.

Rent this home for $3200 per month with optional partial month (one month minimum) daily rate of $107.  With no deposit, no holding fee, no cleaning fee, and no move-out notification penalty, you will know exactly what your stay will cost.

(Note: the floor plan shows a bathtub, which has been converted to a shower)

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You will enjoy this back porch with peek-a-boo lake views

Your back yard...the lake is beyond the trees.

This deer keeps a protective eye on the neighborhood

Squirrels are everywhere!

The view from the back door

The view from the kitchen