Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Find the rental agreement of the home you are interested in renting. You can print and mail or deliver with your holding fee. ACTIVE MILITARY will receive $100 off per month as well as waived deposit. Please verify availability and connect with Marilynn ( or call (360) 570-8543 or (360) 250-2616 (cell/text) before sending your holding fee. Marilynn is more readily available via email and text, but will try to return your call as soon as possible.

Q: If your homes are monthly rentals, do I have to pay for a whole month that I don't use?

A: No, you won't have to pay for a whole month that you don't need, as long as you work with Marilynn to assure that she is apprised of your move-out date. You will pay a contractual daily rate provided for in your contract..

Q: What is the rental amount?

A: The two bedroom homes are $2500 per month and the one bedroom home is $2100 per month. Additional days are $85 per day for the two bedroom homes, and $70 per day for the one bedroom home.

Q: How do I get the keys?

A: Be sure and let Marilynn know when you will expect to arrive, and you will be personally welcomed into the home upon arrival. If Marilynn is not available, her property manager will be there to greet you with a smile.

Q: What is the quickest way to get additional information?

A: The quickest way to get additional information is to email Marilynn ( ). You may also call and leave a message on her office phone (360-570-8543) or her cell phone (360-250-2616).

Q: I have a very well behaved animal. Will you accept the animal with a deposit?

A: I can no longer accept animals in my homes.

Q: What will I do if my garbage gets full and hasn't been picked up yet?

A: If you are living in a duplex, it doesn't matter which garbage or recycle container you use. It is OK to use the container provided for the other side of the duplex. If both containers are too full, please contact us and we will pick up the extra garbage. Please do not allow garbage to be outside of the garbage can for animals to get into, or to create an eyesore to the neighborhood. See the Olympia Garbage/Recycle page for more information.

Q: Do you supply receipts?

A: Yes, At your request, Marilynn can email or fax a PDF file receipt within a reasonable (usually 24 hour) amount of time after receipt of your rent or deposit.

Q: How do I pay the rent once I am moved in?

A: The mailing address is on your contract, and is also found in the contact section of this website. However, in an effort to assure your comfort in every possible way during your stay, if you prefer a different method of delivery, just ask!

Q: How do I get on the internet?

A: You will receive the wireless code from Marilynn prior to or upon move-in.

Q: What Channels are available with the TV Service?

A: Your home has a fully loaded X1 Xfinity TV service.

Q: What are the requirements for move-out?

A: With Olympiafurnishedhomes, I provide a "We'll get you to the airport on time" feature, which means that when you move out, all you need to do is "cut and run". Of most importance is that you alert Marilynn immediately when you know your move-out date and time. Please do not make beds unless all linens have been washed.

Q: How do I get my deposit return?

A: Be sure that you supply me with your forwarding address. Per Washington State law, the landlord has 14 days for deposit return. I understand your need to receive your deposit in a timely manner, and try very hard to get it to you sooner. In many cases, I will apply your deposit to your remaining days. If you are military, you will enjoy a waived deposit.

Q: I just broke a dish/glass/nick-nack/window blind/etc. What should I do?

A: If you break anything in the home, please do not try to fix it yourself. Please note that a kitchen knife is NOT a screwdriver. Call for maintenance. If the broken item is non-repairable, throw it away and notify Marilynn. If it is part of a set, she will order a replacement. Most broken items are considered normal wear and tear. So, please relax, live comfortably in the home and enjoy the luxuries. NOTE: ALL CRYSTAL GLASSWARE IS REPLACEABLE FREE. Just be sure you give Marilynn the broken glassware.