Rental Agreements offers rental agreements of two flavors...

  • Standard Rental Agreement, which requires a $600 fully refundable deposit
  • Military Rental Agreement for active military, which deducts $100 from your monthly rent and waives the deposit. Your $600 holding fee will be applied to your first month's rent.
  • (Note: military contract must be accompanied with orders)

All Rental Agreements are in downloadable format for your perusal and for convenience in printing. You will choose the Rental Agreement that applies to your situation.

I can't stress enough the importance of holding a home. Too many people have been disappointed because they did not hold a home in time. consists of only seven homes. So, sometimes it seems that the planets need to be lined up perfectly in order to secure one of these homes. (NOTE: holding fees are subject to forfeiture in the event of cancellation)

Your $600 holding fee will be applied as described in your Rental Agreement, and will assure you of a spot to land upon arrival in Olympia.

I encourage you to read your rental agreement in advance of signature.

Drive/Fly carefully, and I will see you when you arrive! ...and, don't forget to "LIKE" OlympiaFurnishedHomes on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc.